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What clubs do you use?

Posted in Australian Golf,Golf,Uncategorized by golferpacific on April 14, 2009

shutterstock_278835431Nike, TaylorMade, Srixon, Titleist, Callaway, Ping and so on…

Debate will always surround club brands and how they are ‘better’ than their rivals.

Superior shafts, hotter clubfaces, greater balance and ‘a sweeter pick-up’ are just some of the lines club manufacturers will boast when marketing their newest release.

But the most important thing any amateur golfer needs to consider when choosing their clubs is if the sticks simply suit their game.

That means if you can hit the ball to the best of your ability and the club setup (flex shaft, think grip, regular length etc) matches the fundamentals of your swing.

Price, colour and shape should never dictate your purchase…as tempting as it can be.

Personally, the first thing I look for in a new driver or fairway wood is an extra stiff shaft to compensate for my fast swing, which is built on a powerful arc (being six foot, four inches tall).

Anything less than an extra-stiff shaft for me would make hitting the ball straight and long off the tee almost impossible given the clubhead speed I generate.

I try not to get too bogged down in the technological-side of things as most leading clubs these days are built with the best material available, so there’s no need to worry.

Using a demo driver out on the range and assessing the results in terms of distance, feel and control is how I make my final decision before a purchase.

With irons, weight is the most important criteria for me as this will impact my swing and pick-up.

I also like a thick clubface that provides a real ‘punch’ feel when I make contact with the ball.

Again, leading manufacturers build their clubfaces using the best technology available so how each clubface varies from their rivals is irrelevant for me and should be for any amateur golfer.

And with the putter it is simply weight and balance that should dictate which brand you use.

You want to have a nice balanced pendulum-feel when you stroke a putt. Too often amateur golfers go for the higher-priced putters thinking they will provide the best results.

This is never the case. Hell, I’m still using a $50 special from Kmart I bought some 12 years ago as a kid because I am used to the weight and feel.

Choosing your putter, along with any club, should be a case of trial and error.

Try before you buy – this is the only way to ensure complete satisfaction out on the course.

  • Tell us what clubs you use and why?

4 Responses to 'What clubs do you use?'

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  1. Tim Robinson said,

    Still use my old set of Top Flite clubs….although have lost two to rusty shafts.
    Currently looking for a possible new set and would appreciate anyone’s suggestions.
    I’m a 17 handicapper with a normal swing speed. cheers

  2. Super Steve said,

    My wife bought me a set of Nike clubs with the original SQ driver and I have sliced 8 strokes off my game in 12 months to be now off 14.
    Read somewhere in Golfer Pacific recently that if it’s good enough for Tiger, it’s good enough for me.
    That’s certainly the case with Nike clubs

  3. Mark Carter said,

    Was given a set of Callaway X-forged clubs as a present a while back and I must say they are sensational.
    Great pickup and I know for a fact that half of the low markers in my club choose them over the rest.
    Have used the new R9 driver from Taylormade and can confirm it goes well, but you need to make sure you adjust the loft and clubface angle correctly to suit your stance and swing. Can be a lot of fooling around but would definitely be worth the money.
    I would suggest Tim Robinson looks at a set of Callaway irons and maybe shop around for a driver that suits him.
    Most shafts have more than enough technology to suit the swing of an amateur golfer.

  4. Chris Smith said,

    I used to use the original Cobra irons and driver but recently I thought it was time to get a new set.
    Having been told about the new Taylormade irons and driver, I decided to give them a try.
    I am now using the Burner irons and the Burner driver.
    The new R9 driver looks terrific too with it’s adjustable clubface, but I’ll stick with the burner set for now.
    I still use my old Ping putter as I find it hard to find something I like.
    I agree it is always best to try before you buy.

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